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Fall has come!

Today was a perfect fall day. Mid 60’s, light breeze. Absolutely beautiful weather, to match an equally beautiful wedding. It was at Arrowhead Golf Course, which is one of the nicest golf clubs in America and located in Roxbourough Park. The ceremony site overlooks breathtaking rock formations. The bride looked lovely, and the cake was […]

A Stressful day

Yes. It was. I had two weddings this last Sunday. It was fun to make because they had totally different ideas of fall: one was dark reds, oranges and burgundy, and the other was bright orange, pinks and corals. Both were gorgeous. I’m not sure why it was so stressful. It wasn’t the timing – […]

We love professional pics!

Hooray Professional Pics! You have no idea how long I have waited for these pictures. It was the second wedding we did, and we didn’t take any pictures. Not only that, but it was by far the most STRESSFUL wedding we had. And we loved the colors. But it was stressful. I’m sure it gave […]

Grant-Humphrey’s Wedding

So, back to the wedding – it was one of my favorites so far!! It was at the Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion, which is in old Denver, across the street from the Governor’s Mansion. It was kind of hard to find, but once you were there it was gorgeous. My favorite thing about the wedding was that […]

More Pink!

Last weeks wedding had very similar colors to the Fabulous Wedding of a week before, and a lot of the same flowers, but had a totally different look that was all it’s own. The bride (who was the sweetest person ever) was very into “Round”. I have about 10 pictures that she emailed me of […]

Pink Passion

A friend of ours at church got married last week. Not only did I have the privilege of doing her flowers, but we also got to attend the wedding, which was romantic and beautiful and stunning. She was a vision of style and class, as was the wedding. The reception was in their giant backyard, […]


I loved this wedding, but, oh my gosh, did I LOATH making it. Why? Pomanders. A dreaded word meaning flowers hung by heavy foamwatersoaked balls that like to fall apart. They are great for flower girls because they are SO cute and spray roses make the job pretty easy…..but…big ones? An awful, hot, wet (ew) […]

Exotic Flowers

After being a designer for awhile, you start to love the brides who want different stuff. I love roses and all that, but I get to do them so much that it takes away the beauty a little. So, when you get a really complex, bright and different bouquet, it lets you loose, kind of […]

An Apple Wedding

Hi Everyone!! I was inspired by Cassandra, so I thought I would go ahead and start one of my own, that mostly about the first years of being a wedding florist, but also life in general. I will start by posting my first weddings first, and then moving up from there. No real names will […]