Pink Passion

A friend of ours at church got married last week. Not only did I have the privilege of doing her flowers, but we also got to attend the wedding, which was romantic and beautiful and stunning.

She was a vision of style and class, as was the wedding. The reception was in their giant backyard, which was covered in hundreds of lanterns, had a glowing pool and fountain in the middle that was filled with flower petals and flowers, hanging lanterns all around, Japanese lanterns that blew in the breeze, and the most tasty Chinese food ever as well as a delicious five layer cake. All in all it was one of the BEST weddings I have ever seen or done. Her flower picks so closely echoed my own favorites that it was nothing but a joy from beginning to end (except for the hauling of giant alter pieces…no matter how great the wedding, that is NEVER fun). I am picky about weddings (’s my business to be) and I can honestly say that this was one of the most breathtaking and fun nights I have had in a LONG time.

For this wedding we used Pink Peonies, Pink Freesia, Pink “Engagement” roses, pale pink and white ranunculus, pink dahlias, green bells of ireland, blown garden roses in shades of pink, white larkspur, white bovardia, spray roses and varigated pitt. The cherry blossoms (unfortunately…out of season) were silk.