We love professional pics!

Hooray Professional Pics! You have no idea how long I have waited for these pictures. It was the second wedding we did, and we didn’t take any pictures. Not only that, but it was by far the most STRESSFUL wedding we had. And we loved the colors. But it was stressful. I’m sure it gave me many grey hairs to add to my collection. Not because of the bride or anything, but the dahlias were the wrong color. You can’t tell here, but they started out RED. We dyed them, which was terrifying. Would they die? Would they turn weird colors in the cooler?? Thanks to some advice from a frantic phone call to my designer friend Christine, we went ahead cautiously, and they turned out awesome! They looked better with that hint of red plum behind the purple. Ahh..how times have changed. Now we’ll dye anything (except phlox, which wilts immediately).

This wedding had plum dahlias, eggplant calla lilies, white calla lilies, purple larkspur, light purple stock, stephanotis and lavender roses.