Exotic Flowers

After being a designer for awhile, you start to love the brides who want different stuff. I love roses and all that, but I get to do them so much that it takes away the beauty a little. So, when you get a really complex, bright and different bouquet, it lets you loose, kind of like a kid in a candy store. I loved designing her bouquet. It really felt like I finally got to “Design”. It feels like painting when I get a bouquet like this. It’s cathartic and I go to the most peaceful place in my mind. We had to wait an extra day for the yellow callas, which was stressful, but it was worth it. If you look close you can see a little horned toad in her bouquet.

Here we have: Purple Dahlias, Yellow Mini-Callas, Fiddleheads, Mocara Orange Orchids, Dendrobium Green orchids, Vanda Purple Orchids, Orange Ranunculus and Raspberry Gerbs. Her bridesmaids’ bouquets had mixed mini-callas with lily grass and ti leaves.