A Stressful day

Yes. It was. I had two weddings this last Sunday. It was fun to make because they had totally different ideas of fall: one was dark reds, oranges and burgundy, and the other was bright orange, pinks and corals. Both were gorgeous. I’m not sure why it was so stressful. It wasn’t the timing – Cindy and I got it done in 5 hours (both of them!), but it could have been because we barely had enough flowers. I actually forgot that I had updated my order and added a couple of things – I really could have used that extra dahlia bunch, because what ended up happening is we were short and had to COUNT everything out. Which stinks. I kind of just like to grab and see what I get.

Oh well.

The day (after designing) began with stress. One of the brides was picking up her flowers. We had scheduled a time in the afternoon. I decided I would go to church on Monday night, so Sunday late morning, I went to Gordmans (my favorite store EVER!) and got a couple of presents for Kim and her Mom (who I am visiting…tomorrow!). I had just gotten home when my cell rings. It is the lady who is picking up the flowers. She is coming…and will be here in ten minutes. TWO HOURS EARLIER than scheduled. I rushed downstairs and packed up everything, re-counted, etc. Then I waited. And waited. Finally, I called the lady and they had stopped FOR LUNCH. Sigh. That’s all I will say about that.

Then, I had a delivery that evening to a venue that I have visited before. Well, it was in a different building, one that I had not been at before. And I hated this one! There was about a 4 foot hallway that winds through the brides and grooms room, and that is where everyone gathers. I had nowhere to put the flowers. It was crowded, suffocating. I had 30 personal flowers, and in a moment of stupidity had told Sarah that she didn’t need to help me with this one. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Then, to make matters worse, a box broke and some water spilled all over the carpet. And some jerk in a tux goes, “Well, great. This girl spilled the water” as I am cleaning it up. Then there was some cake confusion (no ones fault). Then I couldn’t find two people that I needed to pin. It was just a mess.

The bride LOVED her flowers, and that is all that matters in the end. There was no problem with the flowers, just the delivery. It was just a stressful delivery. But it was good. It taught me a couple of things: 1. If I have more than ten personal flowers, I am bringing Sarah. 2. I will never EVER wear heels, no matter how cute they may be, or if we are going straight to dinner afterwards, to deliver flowers. 3. I need to wear light clothing and always have extra on top of extra pins. 4. I need to establish a place to pin on and just stick there.

Enjoy the professional photos from one of the weddings!