I loved this wedding, but, oh my gosh, did I LOATH making it. Why? Pomanders. A dreaded word meaning flowers hung by heavy foamwatersoaked balls that like to fall apart. They are great for flower girls because they are SO cute and spray roses make the job pretty easy…..but…big ones? An awful, hot, wet (ew) experience. Mostly because I’m a little stupid and still learning…. I drastically underestimated the time, cost and amount of flowers it would take to make these things. The smaller balls that hung from the shepherd hooks weren’t the problem..those were fairly easy (I guess I shouldn’t say that, seeing how Cindy did most of the work as I was running around)..but, the bigger ones for the bridesmaids were. Note to self: never make big pomaders out of mini-gerbs. It dosen’t work. It takes a million. It makes you curse and sweat and wonder why you ever encouraged a bride to get these. I should have known better. But…a last minute trip to the wholesaler, a lot of worrying and many gray hairs later (they like to come in by my ear. Very attractive.) we got them done. The end result was beautiful, I thought. I loved the nature-y feel of the wedding. There was a cool breeze blowing the ribbons and the petals, and it was just really…lovely.

We used Mini-Sunflowers, Red, yellow, orange and fuschia mini and regular sized gerbs, fuschia dahlias, yellow tulips, red and jade hypericum berries, and rose petals.