More Pink!

Last weeks wedding had very similar colors to the Fabulous Wedding of a week before, and a lot of the same flowers, but had a totally different look that was all it’s own. The bride (who was the sweetest person ever) was very into “Round”. I have about 10 pictures that she emailed me of “round” bouquets that she loved. She was thrilled with her flowers (enter sigh of relief here)- and she actually cried when she picked up the bouquets for a pictures (out of happiness, promise). I think it was probably not so much the flowers as a general overload of emotion. The funniest thing about this wedding was that about 30 minutes before the ceremony the groomsmen all came in with their shorts and flip flops, looking non-plussed that in 30 minutes they were going to be in the wedding. The women had been there for 2 hours getting ready at that point. And thats the difference between men and women. This was the first wedding with centerpieces on every table and a tussie (which is a small bouquet for mothers in the silver holder below). It really couldn’t have gone smoother, except that hydrangea is very fussy and dosen’t like to be touched. Overall, a very beautiful wedding at the Botanical Gardens!!

She had pale green and pink hydrangea, pink ranunculus, blown white peonies, jade and pink roses, and curly willow. And round stuff!! Also, at the bottom is a picture of an arrangement Cindy made (the one with the curly willow on top) – she is so talented!