Pleasing a bride

Earlier this year, I had a bride (well, her maid of honor), contact me in a state of panic after her florist bailed on her 1 week before her wedding date … it was an absolutely stressful but pleasant experience. So when I had a bride call me 2 months before her wedding day telling me her florist had bailed on her, I didn’t think twice about telling her we could help out.

The experience however was drastically different from my first bride … this bride was very precise about exactly what she wanted … and it made my very nervous. I am a people-pleaser by nature, and I was terrified out of my mind that I wouldn’t be able to give this bride exactly what she wanted. Even more so, when the photos she was showing me of bouquets were of fake flowers, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do!! Flowers are nature, they are not perfect … they don’t always come in the exact shade you want, or that specific shape you’re seeing in a photo, but to explain this to someone who wants everything perfect on their wedding day is a bit difficult (which is completely understandable).

Here’s the photo she wanted me to mimic for the bridesmaids’ bouquets:

Here’s our version … I must say, for mimicking a fake flower bouquet, they came out quite well!

Here’s a non pro photo to get a closer look

For the bride’s bouquet…she wanted an all ‘white’ bouquet … but when I say white, she wanted ivory, in an exact color!! YIKES! We made sure to use the vendella roses she had specifically requested and I sent over a sneak peek of the bouquet before wrapping it to confirm she liked it … unfortunately, I didn’t hear back…so I had to pray it was what she wanted

Sneak Peek of the bouquet

We didn’t hear anything back…so my philosophy is…no news is good news! And judging by the professional photos by Erin Miller Photography … the bride not only looks beautiful, but happy as well 🙂

We also decorated the candles at the alter with some beautiful ivy and white roses…I loved how beautiful it looked…but added a simple element of beauty.


Flowers used: vendella roses, hot pink roses, light pink roses, white freesia, white hydrangea, ivy