Holy Mother of Gerbs!

All in all it was a pretty flawless wedding delivery. I love my job!

So, today we had a wedding. It had about 500 gerbs. Not joking. That was pretty close to the number I had. The bride had mulit-colored gerbs in red, orange, yellow and fuschia. She also had green orchids and roses in orange, red and fuschia. It was VERY bright.

This wedding felt like the perfect kick-off to the summer o’ weddings!

The bride looked beautiful (as always) – I really, really loved her dress. The navy bridesmaid dresses were a nice accent and look at the adorable flower girls with their flower halos!

After we set up the wedding and took off for the reception which was at the Greenbriar Inn in Boulder or…halfway to Estes Park. It was a darling little tucked- away restaurant with rich gardens and a English cottage feeling.

Then we decked the cottage out with bright, bright Gerbs.