All things blue

Today we delivered for a lovely bride and groom … the delivery was super smooth, but our planning side of us came out and we had to jump into action when we saw some things happening in the back end. I’m guessing normally, florists deliver and leave…but my crew and I just can’t do that to a bride. So when we saw that the cake flowers the baker had purchased for the cake toppers were purple and not blue, we knew we couldn’t leave. Instead, we hoped into the car and drove to the nearest Walmart to grab a can of blue spray paint (thankfully the flowers were fake!).

Here is my hand, taking one for the team

Once back, I learned that Alli and Jordyn didn’t just stand around and wait for the baker and I to get back, they helped the bride calm down before walking down the aisle, undid all the bustles in the bridesmaid dresses and helped fluff the bride’s dress as she started walking down the aisle…so proud of them!!

The groom and groomsmen were hilarious! They were completely game to let me snap a photo with my iPhone…and then requested for me to take more with their phones! I think I took 10 different shots

The flowers used for Abby and Cory’s floral were hydrangea sprayed marlin blue (request of the bride), white mini calla lilies, stephanotis and lily grass.

Enjoy the beautiful professional photos by the talented Earl James Photography